Commercial Painting Service

Painting the facade of your business or your corporate offices can improve the image of your company. In addition to offering painting solutions, the Professional Painters team carries out other types of work designed to enhance the image of offices, hospitals, hotels, shops, restaurants: application of texturing, change of floors, color advice, wall painting, and blacksmithing. We carry out our work in a fast and orderly manner and offer service guarantees.

Personalized Aesthetics In Business

It’s important to make sure your business looks professional and up-to-date throughout the year inside and out. To keep your business looking its best, we offer a wide range of commercial painting services using the same industrial-strength products, ensuring that you always make the best impression on your clients, differentiating your company from the competition with professional services Commercial paint from our team of experts.

Our Commercial Painting Services Includes:

  • Painting in remote areas
  • Painted School Districts
  • Safety Painted
  • Painted Stadiums
  • Painted Gyms
  • Waterproof
  • Foundation Sealing
  • Pressure washing
  • Minor Wood Repairs
  • Barn Restoration and Painting
  • Restoration and Painting of Platforms
  • Staining and Finishing of Concrete Surfaces
  • Cleaning and Sealing of Brick and Rock
  • Painting of Medical Facilities and Hospitals
  • Drywall and Drywall Repair and Patching

These are the advantages and benefits of hiring a painting service:

  • We have a portfolio of several painters, and if one is absent from work, he is replaced by another painter immediately.
  • If the job requires more painters, they add to the work.
  • We have a civil liability policy in case of damage.
  • We have all the safety equipment and height equipment such as booms, lifelines, harness, 40-foot ladder, etc., to offer complete service and customer satisfaction.
  • Our procedures for painting any surface include:
  • Clean the entire surface with pressure washers and old paint removal products.
  • Apply acrylic sealer to the wall so that the paint will anchor, adhere, and do not come off.
  • Necessary cracks are sealed.
  • Grazing is done to the areas of the walls that require it so that they are smooth.
  • It is waterproofed if there is the moisture before painting.

Experienced Solutions: Professional Painting Services

We understand that you need fast, efficient, and cost-effective solutions. Whether you have a local store or an office building, our team will quickly and efficiently complete your commercial painting project without interrupting your day-to-day activities.

Types Of Interior And Exterior Paints

Our team can paint different types of materials: plaster, bricks, concrete, metal, stucco, fiber cement, etc. We can also strip and stain the wood, then apply a varnish.

Depending on the particularity of the surface to be painted, we can use different types of paint and primers: water-based paint (latex, acrylic), epoxy paint for concrete floors or other types of surfaces, paint based solvent (oil or alkyd), latex, or alkyd primers, oil paint, etc. Depending on the type of paint chosen, the finishes offered will be either mat, satin, semi-gloss, or gloss. Our experienced commercial painters will choose the type of paint that will be the most appropriate and durable for each of your surfaces.

We use paints from the best manufacturers: Sico, Dulux, Benjamin Moore, etc. You can choose the precise colors that will enhance your business since many very trendy colors are offered by manufacturers. We can advise you on this.

Why Do Your Painting Jobs With Us?

It is relevant and certainly proven that for professional painting services, it is necessary to know aspects that are commonly overlooked: the types of products to apply, their combinations and proportions, correct tools, work environment, type of surfaces, and their previous preparation; and l result may vary significantly if any of these aspects is obviated.

Painting Work And Preparation

As soon as we get your approval, the machine is put into operation. The paint purchases are made and on the day scheduled, the preparation begins. Particular attention is paid to the protection of your property and your floors, which will be carefully covered with well-sealed tarpaulins. The team of painters proceeds, and in a few days, your contract is made. In the end, a team leader will go around the place to make sure everything is perfect, and then the cleaning will be done to deliver the spotless places to you at the time of invoicing.

Ready to start your painting project?

Our team is committed to performing quality work and offering you total satisfaction. Listening to the needs of each of our customers, our commercial painters will ensure to deliver a finished product that meets your expectations while respecting your budget.