Residential Painting Service

We know that one of the essential aspects and perhaps one of the most challenging decisions when remodeling a space is choosing paint. There is infinite options for textures, colors, and finishes that we can choose from, and in addition, we must also take into account the surfaces on which we want to paint. For this reason, it is better to have an expert on the subject, someone who knows the materials and techniques that must be used to protect the surfaces and give a durable and flawless finish.

Our team of painters

Our team of painters is highly trained to carry out any work in painting and remodeling. Your living room, kitchen, bedrooms, or warehouse could not be in better hands. Our high-quality techniques, paints, and materials will give you the perfect balance between color, texture, and lighting.

Our process

Our painting service has you covered. We take care of sanding, patching, taping, and even cleaning when we finish the paint job.


As our company policy, before starting any painting work, we always prepare the area to avoid any damage. This is why we always make sure to remove or cover any item or accessory that can get stained with paint, such as curtains, furniture, lamps, electrical outlets, broom racks, floors, valances, and switches.

And if another type of preparation is needed due to moisture, cracks, or porous finishes, our expert painters will patch up and fix any problems before you start painting.


Thanks to our team, you won’t have to worry about cleaning. At the end of the paint job, we will take care of leaving everything impeccable. We tend all the materials, remove the tapes, plastics, and cardboard that cover the nearby elements or accessories; We will always make sure to deliver everything in perfect condition.

A durable solution

We are offering long-term solutions, which is why our painting service is based on quality. All the products we use are backed and guaranteed to provide more outstanding durability, shine, and color. Furthermore, we always use the correct measurements in terms of quantity / m2 to avoid affecting the final result; quality is our priority.

Painting service for houses and apartments

Our specialists have extensive experience painting ceilings, floors, facades, doors, gates, windows and will work according to your needs. Our service is fast and timely.

Painting for windows and gates

Surely somewhere in your home, there is a window or gate that you want to paint. Well, we don’t just paint ceilings and walls; we also paint wood and metal window frames and gates.

As with any other surface, we follow our preparation policy: we cover any item or accessory first to prevent damage. In the case of windows, we make sure not to dirty the glass by taping each edge, no matter how long it takes us.

Our paints and materials

Our materials include lacquers, sealants, sprays, vinyl, oil-based paints, varnish, anticorrosive paints, stains, polyurethane, enamels, industrial paints, stucco, and waterproofing paints, among others.

We also use other equipment and materials such as hanging scaffolds, tubular scaffolds, or compressors, depending on the type of work.

Waterproofing paint

Waterproofing paint protects against leaks, drips, and other moisture problems. As with different types of color, the type of waterproofing depends on the surface and place of application (exterior paint must be more resistant than interior paint as it is more exposed to moisture).

We choose the products that best meet the needs of our customers. If you need indoor waterproofing paints, the choice of paint will be made based on the damage; that is, an anti-humidity, anti-mold, or anti-stain paint. If you need exterior waterproofing paints, the choice of paint will be made based on traffic (people access) and duration; i.e., acrylic paints, polyurethane, acrylic rubber, liquid silicone.

With our painting service and our high-quality products, you will never have to worry about moisture problems again.

Anticorrosive paint

Anti-corrosion paints protect against rust. Additionally, these paints provide a glossy finish that is highly resistant to water, grease, oil, weather, and most importantly: they last for a long time. It does not matter if the paint is perfectly applied; if it is exposed to moisture for a long time, rust will appear. This is why we always try to apply anti-corrosion paint.

Electrostatic painting

Electrostatic paint or powder paint is an alternative coating for aluminum, steel, galvanized metals, and plastic parts. This paint has a high resistance to corrosion, scratches, heat, and chemical agents.

If you are looking to paint shelves, railings, furniture, locks, gates, or cabinets, this paint is ideal for you. Its chemical properties prevent bubbles from forming and provide a more uniform finish. In addition, it is more ecological than the other paints in Bogotá since more than 90% of the paint that is not used can be recycled, and because it is powder paint, it is free of solvents which make it less dangerous.

Wood painting

Moisture, sun, and insects are natural enemies of wood, so it is necessary to protect it.

Our company uses high-quality paint, varnish, lacquer, or enamel to protect the wood and give it a perfect finish. Our painting service for wood includes the previous process of sanding, cleaning, and priming and its subsequent treatment and painting. And finally, our painters will give it a glossy, satin, or matte finish according to your tastes.


There are endless possibilities to remodel and decorate your home building, etc. And of course, the paint is not only limited to the color, but you can also choose the texture!

You can choose from a wide range of products to decorate as you want. You can choose between enameled paints, latex paints, lacquers, textured putties, textured pastes. There are hundreds of options, and we put them all at your disposal.

We are experts in the field of construction and restoration. We offer services beyond painting and remodeling. Among our services, you can find washing and waterproofing of facades and local maintenance and repairs.

We also invite you to see all our services to choose the one that best suits your needs.

If you’re interested

If you are interested in our service, do not hesitate to contact us. You can quote your project today by calling us or clicking CONTACT US, and we will respond immediately.